Hello, we are the UAE Property Scanner team, and we are creating an exceptional real estate service for you in the market.

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Our mission

We are more than just an agency; we are real estate market analysts who base our strategies and forecasts solely on statistical data. This saves your time, provides the best solutions, and enhances your personal capital.

We are creating an exceptional service culture in the real estate, investment, and financial markets for conscious individuals, significantly exceeding the initial client expectations with the aim of preserving their funds, enhancing their quality of life, growing their capital, and fostering long-term partnership relationships measured in decades.

The Team

Meet Our Team

Fuad Ibragimov
Web Designer
Dmitry Igonin
Front End Developer
Richard Roe
Janie Voe

The company, founded by Fuad Ibragimov and Dmitry Igonin, is a seasoned professional with over 3 years of experience in the market.

From the moment of our company's inception, we have always aimed to create something unique for ourselves, the market, and our clients. We continually strived to find our ideal form. Today, we clearly understand that the search and challenges were not coincidental. In fact, the market, consumers, and major players in the industry recognize our approach, high efficiency, and professionalism.


Customer Success Stories

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John Doe

Some succesfull cases

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Which clients and why do they turn to our company

Age 27-40. Owners or partners in rapidly growing businesses, ambitious, risk-takers, seeking freedom, a healthy lifestyle, and open to new opportunities.

They invest with the goals of:

Earning passive income from available capital.

Increasing asset value.

Preserving capital as an asset.

They buy with the objectives of:

Achieving a new quality and standard of living.

Supporting their business.

Providing for their family.

They sell with the aims of:

Quickly obtaining funds.

Without wasting time.

In pursuit of realizing new ideas and projects."

Age 30-50. Owner of multiple companies, enjoys risk and excitement, focuses solely on liquidity and substantial earnings, seeks only exceptional offers.

When investing, it's for: Quick returns. Willing to take risks.

When buying, it's for: Only the very best. The most expensive. On special terms.

When selling, it's for: A high price. Willing to wait for the right buyer."

Aged 40-60

Owner of a large company, conservative, has a good understanding of trends, gravitates towards the younger generation, relies entirely on experts, seeks detailed calculations and the results of conducted audits for his tasks, makes decisions rationally.

When investing, it's to: Preserve for the long term, 5 years. Conservative profits with minimal risks.

When buying, it's for: Investment in the future of family and children. Gaining personal freedom.

When selling, it's to: Sell quickly. Reinvest.


Segment: Business Class, Elite Class, Premium Class, Deluxe Class Commercial

Real Estate: office spaces, buildings and mansions, retail spaces, business centers, shopping malls.

Countryside Real Estate: houses, plots, land, townhouses, villas.


Apartments. Villas.
Offices. Exclusive.

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